I was able to buy a Boston Butt today

I figure I can get several meals out of that. I need to invest in some of those Gladware/Ziplock containers.

I don’t like green peas, but love carrots and onions. When I get more $$ I can make some veggie soup. I also bought some chicken and a little ground chuck, and some Cat Cafe for Mr. Cat. He seems to prefer the eggs still, but he needs his cat food.

There are a couple of food banks here, but I hate to ask, especially since there are people here that need it more than me. I hope to be able to stock up on things at the end of the year. I got another credit card to pay off first, then I will allot $50 for stuff like rice, pasta, and canned goods. The dogs need supplies (rawhides and shampoo & Frontline) but they will have to wait. I order in bulk to save money and it is worth it to me to wait till I have the money to order $100 worth of stuff, and only have to worry with it once a year.

I need to get them back on Heartgard. I had a sick dog given to me and he literally died in my arms. I had no idea he had heartworms till I took him to a vet, and she told me that “your dog is gonna die” So I certainly don’t want to go thru that again.

thanks for the kind words, it has been a long road

Since the Internet is more or less anonymous I can be totally honest. Two years ago we bought a house for $160,000 and we made about 60k a year combined. At the time we had no debt, but buying a house IS buying debt so we need furniture and on and on. Last July (2003) I found misled too ill to work at all, 6,700 in debt and my husband took a pay cut! It was really bad. His regular job income (take home) was/is $21,900. We refinanced the mortgaeg from 1,00 a month to 958. While this added to our debt (we rolled in the closing costs) we HAD to get our monthly payment lowered. The biggest thing for me was MAKING THE COMMITMENT TO MYSELF TO CHANGE! That is the secret. I returned everything possible that I had bought over the past few months that weren’t essential. I sold my beloved harp (i hadn’t played it in a while and I owed money on it) I got rid of premium cable, I never ate out and on and on.

THE MONEY YOU SAVE IN THESE PLACE YOU MUST APPLY TO YOUR DEBT! Again, the real and only secret is I COMMITTED to doing it. So did my husband. Here is the unpleasant part. He took a second job and I sold stuff on Ebay. If you want to get out of debt faster, you’ve got to make more money. Not a job that is far from home (more gas) or that you need to dress up for, but a tempary job. Office or house cleaning is ideal. Next, to really rid myself of the debt, I followed an Accelerated Margin plan. This is where you pay one bill at a time. I will put the link at the bottom of the page,. The other thing that totally helped us and again, this might not work if you have bad credit, is we took out a loan. the interest was so much better then our credit cards and that really helped us pay everyhting faster. After the loan we only had about $700 left in debt and we would use any money we had, (extra jobs, NO buying coffee in the morning) and applied it to our debt. One of the most useful tips I have
is selling on ebay if possible.

It has made such a difference. When we get money through Paypal, we pay our bills for FREE (savings on stamps) through Paypal. So if I sold a $20.00 shirt I would take that money or even half of it and online, put it towards, say the sears card debt. Just chipping away at it a little extra at a time. Read books, the tightwad gazette, the dollar stretcher (on line) anything. But the real key is doing some serious soul searching and figure out WHY you spend. This is what has stopped me from going BACK into debt. That’s my mom, in debt,out of debt, in deb,t out of debt. I think it’s because she hasn’t faced why she spends. To me I feel I “earned” it. I work hard, I deserve nice things, I’ll pay it tomorrow. Those are my demons with money. I have too many tips for saving money, if you want to know anything specific or have a questions, please ask! Good luck!!!

I don’t mean to be rude

I don’t mean to be rude, but how do you expect to pay off any debt or accumulate wealth if you don’t generate any income? Payday loan websites like whoneed500 won’t help you. You will have to pay the loan back within just a couple of weeks (read here how payday loans work). The lottery is just a tax on those who are really bad at math. Unless you have a rich aunt who loved you the best and is nearing her 100th B-day, you’d better start planning to make some money.

Your credit is already ruined. Start from there. Don’t worry about your creditors until you are generating enough income to put a roof over your head and food on the table. Unless you owe a single credit card a huge sum of money they won’t sue you. They calculate some losses on the books and for now, you are one of them. Truly, you need to concentrate on generating income and not worrying about your debt. Taking care of your grandmother is noble, but you either need some help or some reimbursement.

Love her like the Lord loves her but that doesn’t mean you can’t work a full time and job and still help care for her. Many of us worked WAY more than 8 hour days when we were young and dumb enough to do it 😉

Please know that I have way too many things on my plate to write this post only to bash you. I’m only typing these things in the hope that it makes you think. Quit being a victim of the debt you created and start taking back your life!

Yes, I am doubtful on the loan

But thought I would give it a try since it would lower my interest rate. All checks to the credit card companies would include a letter to close the accounts, and the cards are already destroyed.

As far as my credit, I think it is pretty much already ruined. The late payments started in spring of 2003, and I have been struggling to get caught up. Some of the cards already went to collection, and frankly, those are much easier to deal with since they stopped the interest and late fees.

It’s the cards that keep charging the fees and then expecting me to make a minimum payment greater than a week’s paycheck, as if I have that money just sitting here. They won’t work with me to make the payments reasonable, and they won’t give up on me and send it to a collection agency. It’s those two bills that are killing me. The worst one has increased my balance by over $800 in the last 10 months.

I have made several payments, and I haven’t used the card since a couple years ago; yet the only way to stop the penalty fees is to pay a minimum payment of over $1000. Not gonna happen.

I don’t think you can get a loan

I don’t think you can get a loan (I’m 99.9% sure) without collateral or a co-signer. At least not from a private bank.

Also, you are going to more or less ruin your credit with all the late payments etc. so if you do get a loan CLOSE THOSE ACCOUNTS!!!

I think it would be too tempting to spend again. Good luck!

This is what is so frustrating

This is what is so frustrating. I do remember reading that as well. It is so hard to figure out what is correct and what isn’t since most of the information comes from people trying to get you to sign up. I figure I will just go ahead and close everything I can. I’ll leave the one with my credit union since it has the lowest interest rate. But everything else will be history. Yikes. When I was stocking up for a possible strike, I bought a lot of top ramen. Safeway has it for 8 cents each right now. And a lot of past and rice packages are fairly cheap, yet filling.

Do you have a crock pot? I found one at a thrift store for $8. I learned to make the best split pea soup, just the way I like it. ( I don’t have to pick out the carrots and onions), and I was able to make a huge batch, then freeze it in servings. I was also able to buy roasts for $1.99 a pound, and then freeze it in containers. I can usually get 3 servings out of one small container. A couple rolls or a veggie with it, and I am set.

Do you have a local food bank? My sister recently lost her job and went to the food bank. Not only did they give her food, but they had cat food too. You might be able to get a bag of kibble. The eggs will have some protein and fat, but they need some form of meat source for taurine. Eventually, they can get sick without it.

Yes. I certainly learned this lesson. Now, I find myself planning for the worst rather than going into something overconfident. And I take smaller risks, risks that won’t hurt me badly if it doesn’t work out. I don’t ever want to make that mistake again.

Bills, Bills, Bills and more Bills

Sounds like you are well on your way to financial recovery! CONGRATULATIONS! I just paid off one card, and when the check clears, I will close the account. I was told the opposite…. Open accounts that you have paid off but haven’t yet closed count against you. They see it as “it’s there and I may use it.”

I will try and pay off another one next month. Then I won’t have any credit cards, just the monthly payment to my debt settlement company. Neither me nor my husband work… we live off the monthly Workmens Comp check he gets, which barely pays the bills. This past month we did without groceries, so I gotta buy food this month. I am looking all over the net for frugal recipes that we will both eat. I didn’t even have $$ for cat food this month so I been cooking a couple eggs a day for our cat… (they are about 2 months old, and while I wouldn’t eat them myself, the cat seems to be doing ok with this diet.

I will never get onto this situation again. We also have charged up our cards with the hopes of making the money back before intrest accured on the cards….. BAD IDEA……. NEVER COUNT YOUR LITTLE CHICLETS BEFORE THE EGGS HAVE HATCHED AND THE CHICLETS ARE HEALTHY AND THRIVING ON THEIR OWN. IN 4 more years, I hope to have all my bills paid off and have a nest egg. Lots of sacrifices to make I know… but I want a house one day.

Well I can only hope for the best.

Right now, all I am getting are letters from Collection Agencies. My Debt Settlement Company claims to have lawyers of their own that an make life miserable for the creditors that make our lives miserable.

I will let you know if CB tries to sue me. Altho I don’t know what they’d get, as we have nothing. lol

Sorry for the misunderstanding

BOTH DMP such as CCCS and others AND Debt Elimination, AKA Debt Settlement Companies Charge “Downpayments”. What I found with CCCS was they charge you a downpayment based on how much debt you have, like say for example 25%, and Debt Elimination charges a “fixed” rate… Usually around $1,000 (that is the average).

Some may charge more, but I did a lot of research and most charged around $1,000. Most make payment re-payment plans on a client to client basis. I feel fortunate that mine asked me what I felt comfortable paying each month. I know I don’t want another credit card again… EVER.

Citibank sued me

Citibank sued me as soon as I transitioned from a debt management program to a debt settlement program. If I read your previous email correctly, you stated that DMPs charge a down payment and debt settlement plans do not? My experience is the opposite: the DMPs charge only a 1 time enrollment fee and a recurring monthly fee which ranges from $20-50 depending on the company (mine charges $30). The debt settlement company charged me approx $2500 up front for basically nothing and I got sued. Not blaming them, I made bad decisions, just want everyone to make sure to do your homework and ask a lot of questions BEFORE joining any program.

Now, I have some questions. My DMP contacted the attorney who filed the suit on behalf of Citibank re: a monthly payment to Citibank via the DMP. The attorney stated he would not deal with the DMP because they are not a licensed attorney in the state of Alabama, that he could only deal directly with me. Well, I’m not a licensed attorney either but fair enough. I did speak with an attorney via Rocket Lawyer and he advised me on how to proceed with representing myself. I plan to send a written proposal for repayment to the attorney. My questions (Finally!): Has anyone ever done this? How much, if any, legalese do I need to include? I know what I can afford to pay per month; should I go ahead and offer that amount or start with something smaller? I can consult with the attorney again, just wanted to know if anyone has some personal experience with this. Thanks and have a great weekend!