I just feel like a slave to my husbands child-support!

Hi. The slave part was a joke. I just feel like a slave to my husbands childsupport! Me and my husband have recently moved back to Ca to be closer to his kids. His ex is the typical stereotyped alienator and it has been very hard for him to keep contact with his girls living in another state. Also since the court base childsupport on visitaion we thought we could see the girls more and pay less childsupport.

I of course had to give up my job to move here so actually im just a unemployed somebody right now! I was working in the semiconductor field.. O did I mention my hubby pays 2000 a month in childsupport so his kids can get pedicures every month! And the tormentin his ex part is simple I torment her by just being alive and happy. She cant stand that he got remarried. Even though she also got remarried. I also have an ex hubby who pays me 200 a month in childsupport. And I fly the girls back to see him every two months. At my own expense because I feel guilty about taking them away from him so that my new hubby can hopefully bring his family back together.

I truly do not understand woman like my hubbys ex who can not be happy with there life unless there torturing someone else! BTW my hubby is a part of this club too his name is alan00038. Ok ive babbled enough about myself. Im sure you will be hearing from me everynow and then probably soon since my hubby is supposed to go back to court for contempt end of this month.