Bills, Bills, Bills and more Bills

Sounds like you are well on your way to financial recovery! CONGRATULATIONS! I just paid off one card, and when the check clears, I will close the account. I was told the opposite…. Open accounts that you have paid off but haven’t yet closed count against you. They see it as “it’s there and I may use it.”

I will try and pay off another one next month. Then I won’t have any credit cards, just the monthly payment to my debt settlement company. Neither me nor my husband work… we live off the monthly Workmens Comp check he gets, which barely pays the bills. This past month we did without groceries, so I gotta buy food this month. I am looking all over the net for frugal recipes that we will both eat. I didn’t even have $$ for cat food this month so I been cooking a couple eggs a day for our cat… (they are about 2 months old, and while I wouldn’t eat them myself, the cat seems to be doing ok with this diet.

I will never get onto this situation again. We also have charged up our cards with the hopes of making the money back before intrest accured on the cards….. BAD IDEA……. NEVER COUNT YOUR LITTLE CHICLETS BEFORE THE EGGS HAVE HATCHED AND THE CHICLETS ARE HEALTHY AND THRIVING ON THEIR OWN. IN 4 more years, I hope to have all my bills paid off and have a nest egg. Lots of sacrifices to make I know… but I want a house one day.