I was able to buy a Boston Butt today

I figure I can get several meals out of that. I need to invest in some of those Gladware/Ziplock containers.

I don’t like green peas, but love carrots and onions. When I get more $$ I can make some veggie soup. I also bought some chicken and a little ground chuck, and some Cat Cafe for Mr. Cat. He seems to prefer the eggs still, but he needs his cat food.

There are a couple of food banks here, but I hate to ask, especially since there are people here that need it more than me. I hope to be able to stock up on things at the end of the year. I got another credit card to pay off first, then I will allot $50 for stuff like rice, pasta, and canned goods. The dogs need supplies (rawhides and shampoo & Frontline) but they will have to wait. I order in bulk to save money and it is worth it to me to wait till I have the money to order $100 worth of stuff, and only have to worry with it once a year.

I need to get them back on Heartgard. I had a sick dog given to me and he literally died in my arms. I had no idea he had heartworms till I took him to a vet, and she told me that “your dog is gonna die” So I certainly don’t want to go thru that again.