You are soo right Im throwing her over the edge!

LOL you are soo right Im throwing her over the edge! I can tell everytime she talks to me on the phone she can barely keep the venom out of her voice…

I of course must screen my honeys calls…I love caller ID : ) She calls at 1 oclock at night sometimes when she forgets to take her prozac and a visitaion is coming up… And I wont let her talk to him…. She flips out on us and keeps calling over and over… I of course answer everytime so that we can subpeona her phone recordss….It throws her in a rage… one night last year she called a record 50 times from 1 till 2.

She cant stand not being able to pull my husbands chain anymore, and now that im closer to her children she feels even more threatened so im sure its just gettin ugly it will be downright gruesome soon! We have a visitaion coming this coming week ill keep ya posted… She does have a mental problem too, she has had to see many councelors and shrinks and is on prozac..

What a wonderful club…

Hi, I’m a secondmom (stepmom) in Atlanta and my husband has been through hell and back with his manipulative and controlling ex-wife. Our relationship with his oldest son was completely severed because of her instigation, but I’m sure you guys all know what that’s about. I just became a member of this club and think it’s an excellent idea.

My husband doesn’t even know how to turn on a computer, but I’m going to encourage him to take a look at this. Anyway, I hope it’s not considered inappropriate, but I wanted to invite you guys to a chat we’re having at my club “The Stepmoms’ Club” tonight at 9:00 p.m.

The subject is “Husbands Intimidated By Their Ex-Wives.” I think that you guys will have a lot to contribute to that chat to other husbands who find it difficult to stand up to their ex-wives, as well as hear the new wife’s point of view on how frustrating it is to deal with.

Thanks! I look forward to chatting with you here!