Well here’s a true story for you:

A husband’s wife was having an affair on him (which he knew about) and they were getting ready to get a divorce.

After moving out of the house, he won the Lotto but didn’t say anything about it so the court set child support and all that good stuff on his present salary.

About 2 years later, this guy’s in a bar having another drink with some friends, and he starts to tell them how at least his ex-wife, the b**** who had an affair on him, wasn’t able to get his lotto money because he didn’t cash it in until later. Everyone asked questions and somehow, her name was divulged.

Well, a woman was sitting at another table near them and overheard the whole story, so she tracked down this guy’s ex-wife and told her everything. (I’m sure she got a commission on that little gossip!) The ex-wife went to court and guess what? his lotto winnings were taken into consideration and his child support was increased, etc.

Moral of the Story: If you are blessed enough to win the lotto after your spouse leaves you for another man: do NOT, repeat, do NOT, go near a bar!!!! LOL