I don’t mean to be rude

I don’t mean to be rude, but how do you expect to pay off any debt or accumulate wealth if you don’t generate any income? Payday loan websites like whoneed500 won’t help you. You will have to pay the loan back within just a couple of weeks (read here how payday loans work). The lottery is just a tax on those who are really bad at math. Unless you have a rich aunt who loved you the best and is nearing her 100th B-day, you’d better start planning to make some money.

Your credit is already ruined. Start from there. Don’t worry about your creditors until you are generating enough income to put a roof over your head and food on the table. Unless you owe a single credit card a huge sum of money they won’t sue you. They calculate some losses on the books and for now, you are one of them. Truly, you need to concentrate on generating income and not worrying about your debt. Taking care of your grandmother is noble, but you either need some help or some reimbursement.

Love her like the Lord loves her but that doesn’t mean you can’t work a full time and job and still help care for her. Many of us worked WAY more than 8 hour days when we were young and dumb enough to do it 😉

Please know that I have way too many things on my plate to write this post only to bash you. I’m only typing these things in the hope that it makes you think. Quit being a victim of the debt you created and start taking back your life!

Yes, I am doubtful on the loan

But thought I would give it a try since it would lower my interest rate. All checks to the credit card companies would include a letter to close the accounts, and the cards are already destroyed.

As far as my credit, I think it is pretty much already ruined. The late payments started in spring of 2003, and I have been struggling to get caught up. Some of the cards already went to collection, and frankly, those are much easier to deal with since they stopped the interest and late fees.

It’s the cards that keep charging the fees and then expecting me to make a minimum payment greater than a week’s paycheck, as if I have that money just sitting here. They won’t work with me to make the payments reasonable, and they won’t give up on me and send it to a collection agency. It’s those two bills that are killing me. The worst one has increased my balance by over $800 in the last 10 months.

I have made several payments, and I haven’t used the card since a couple years ago; yet the only way to stop the penalty fees is to pay a minimum payment of over $1000. Not gonna happen.

I don’t think you can get a loan

I don’t think you can get a loan (I’m 99.9% sure) without collateral or a co-signer. At least not from a private bank.

Also, you are going to more or less ruin your credit with all the late payments etc. so if you do get a loan CLOSE THOSE ACCOUNTS!!!

I think it would be too tempting to spend again. Good luck!